Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Losing my home.

I lost my home yesterday. After four months of living in a coop, my trial period came to an end and the voting members decided to have someone else stay on instead of me. 

In no exaggerated terms, my heart broke in reaction. I love this place, it felt like my ideal environment from the first time I visited. I was happy there. And I got along very well with the other housemates. I always looked forward to return home to that warm space filled with positive energy.

Their decision, although devastating, does not come as a surprise. I have been out of the house quite a lot over the past two months. They want someone who can be around the house more often to contribute to upkeep. 

Unlike last time two years ago when I became homeless, this time I do not relish the adventure of living without a base. I had allowed myself (foolishly?) to set down little roots here in Seattle. Now I feel tired and unready for the challenge. But what choice do I have? I am traveling extensively for the next several months and will have no time to conduct another housing search. I can't possibly live on my own: I have so few possessions, it would take a monumental effort to furnish my own place. 

Time for a new adventure...