Monday, November 19, 2012

Videos from Rose City Blues.

Right before I left for New York, Jenny and I attended a semi-national blues event in Portland called Rose City Blues. We competed in everything, and did fantastically well despite going up against stiff competition.

The results: In the Jack & Jill, where we are paired randomly with another dancer, Jenny got 3rd place and I got 1st place. In the Strictly, where you choose your partner (and we danced together), we got 1st place! Then, in the Solo competition where you dance by yourself, Jenny took 1st place. Talk about affirmation! What a great way to kick off my new career, hey?

To recap:
3rd Place Jack & Jill (Jenny)
1st Place Jack & Jill (Andrew)
1st Place Strictly (Andrew & Jenny)
1st Place Solo (Jenny)


#1: All-Skate -

Jack & Jill

Sunday, November 18, 2012

This week in NYC.

Finally getting oriented after my move to NYC on Monday... what a week!

First: thank you to Jennifer Sowden and Whitton Frank for being amazing dance partners at Rose City Blues. I swept the competition and got 1st Place in the Jack & Jill AND the Strictly comps. Whoo! First time that has ever happened, and my first time winning a Jack & Jill. It was a pleasure to dance alongside peers such as Ted, Ruby, Benji, Nicole, Kayce, Jae, Jonathan, and so many more. Let's keep upping the game: make it difficult for the judges and INSPIRING for the audience.

Second: I'm now teaching with Jenny at Brooklyn Swings! Here goes teaching full-time... So far so good! We're doing two weekly swing classes, starting weekly blues classes next month, and we have a blues workshop coming up next week.

Third: I'm completely moved into my new space. Thank you to Jenny for all her help with the transition. You're amazing.

Fourth: I've already been overwhelmed by Times Square. Glad I got that out of the way. Now my inner Portland-hippie can go hide and recover. I like to think of it as inoculating myself to the NYC culture.

Fifth: as part of the ongoing be-extra-nice-to-Jenny-for-her-birthday effort, I got her blow-up fish operational for the Brooklyn Swings dance on Saturday. Here's a cute photo.