Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A moment of profound gratitude.

(Taken from my post on Facebook.)

On days like these, when I pause to take stock of my life, I am profoundly humbled and grateful. There are so many good people, family, and experiences in my life. I just completed my third tour of Europe for this year, and it was my most successful and busy one to date. There is just so much kindness and joy to behold in the world. These tours are so radically heart-opening and intense, as I meet people and go from complete strangers to something so much more in a matter of minutes, hours, days. I have had students tell me that my workshop has influenced their approach to life, watched as the heart chakras of a classroom cracked wide open and people reached out to cherish the souls of their peers, felt the support from a community of strangers (and students) as I mourned the loss of a beloved friend, found home and healing among friends in foreign countries, marveled at the beauty of others and their willingness to open up through countless experiences both light-hearted and intense, and have -- time and again -- been loved, rejuvenated, and encouraged by those in my life.

Every day, I am astonished to know people around the world whom love and care for me, people whom inspire me, people whom bring such richness to my life, people whom make me aspire to be a better person. I don't know what I have done to deserve such richness, but I do know that I will always strive to share that bounty and love with others. I wish I could convey to each and every one of you exactly what you mean to me, why I so deeply appreciate you: how your presence in my life makes it special, miraculous, and awe-inspiring.

I sometimes don't know what to do with it all, this ineffable feeling; it makes my heart swell to the point I think I'll burst. So here I am, trying to put to words to the indescribable, because it's the only thing I can do to relieve the pressure and channel the energy into something productive. It is a paltry facsimile of what I truly feel, but I hope that it provides a glimpe of understanding how much you mean to me. You bring tears to my eyes and a joyful song to my heart.

I love you. Happy holidays.