Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

So tired. Highlights:

-Productive afternoon. Taking advantage of OmniFocus functionality.
-Talked with Lauren. I miss her. I want to talk with her more. It makes me sad.
-8am classes kick my butt.
-My schedule is pretty good. I like the open afternoons to be productive.
-Still trying to decide on classes. Too many to take... Why do I keep ending up with 15 units but only getting credit for 10? Why must I push myself like this? I could stay here a while, after all...
-Excited about potential aerial classes! Testing into the intermediate series tomorrow. Also: Ashtanga yoga. Oh boy!! Will need to decide on which one to do.
-I'm getting better about going to bed when I hit the end of my productivity. Staring at my inbox, occasionally hitting refresh, and feeling despairing is a good indicator.

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gretchen de mochi said...

hah to the despairing repetitive inbox refreshing.