Saturday, January 14, 2012

My sad Mac story.

I spilled ~1 oz of OJ on the right side of my keyboard. Turned it off immediately, mopped it, turned it upside-down. Took it the the Apple store. He tore it down, cleaned off the internals (fan, memory, etc.), and offered the promising news that the liquid didn't hit the fan. (That would be the equivalent of shit hitting the fan.)

Let it sit overnight.

The next morning, the keyboard turned into a sticky mess. Keys don't repeat themselves, but they require more effort to depress the plunger. I took it back to the Apple store, asking if they could replace the keyboard. They said they could, for ~$1200. The construction of the laptop does not lend itself to such repairs.

He said I could pop off the keys myself and swab underneath. He cautioned me, however, saying there's a plastic cross the affixes the key to the keyboard. If you leverage it from the wrong angle, you snap the piece and can't replace the key. I asked if there was a map of where these crosses are located (because it varies), and he said there wasn't.

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