Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't read this if you ate recently...

Disclaimer: this post speaks frankly about human bodily functions.

It’s about 11:30pm, a long day finally over. I go out to make use of the outhouse. Jean had warned me that it was “sober,” (he meant Spartan/basic/etc.) which translates to a hole in the ground.

Not any big surprise. It’s better than what I saw in Lagos – a drain in the wall. Not even a hole, so you also have to deal with the urine spatter. I don’t even know what they do about excrement – I timed it to avoid having to find out.

Glancing down while relieving myself, I notice something funny: my urine was fizzing. Since “effervescent” is not a common adjective associated with pee, I took a deep breath and bent over for closer investigation.

Maggots. (Cue the screeching strings background music.) Lots and lots of maggots. Covering every inch of non-organic material in the hole.

I think the only redeeming aspect of this photo is the juxtaposition with a beaming, anthropomorphized orange.

This picture was actually taken the next day; so staggered was I by the sight that I couldn’t rally for an immediate photo op. Too bad, because the first time I looked there was also a C or D dry-cell alkaline battery. It raises the question: who the hell changes their batteries in the toilet? Or, who is taking such a prolonged dump that they bring spare batteries for their flashlight?

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