Monday, November 19, 2012

Videos from Rose City Blues.

Right before I left for New York, Jenny and I attended a semi-national blues event in Portland called Rose City Blues. We competed in everything, and did fantastically well despite going up against stiff competition.

The results: In the Jack & Jill, where we are paired randomly with another dancer, Jenny got 3rd place and I got 1st place. In the Strictly, where you choose your partner (and we danced together), we got 1st place! Then, in the Solo competition where you dance by yourself, Jenny took 1st place. Talk about affirmation! What a great way to kick off my new career, hey?

To recap:
3rd Place Jack & Jill (Jenny)
1st Place Jack & Jill (Andrew)
1st Place Strictly (Andrew & Jenny)
1st Place Solo (Jenny)


#1: All-Skate -

Jack & Jill

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