Sunday, November 18, 2012

This week in NYC.

Finally getting oriented after my move to NYC on Monday... what a week!

First: thank you to Jennifer Sowden and Whitton Frank for being amazing dance partners at Rose City Blues. I swept the competition and got 1st Place in the Jack & Jill AND the Strictly comps. Whoo! First time that has ever happened, and my first time winning a Jack & Jill. It was a pleasure to dance alongside peers such as Ted, Ruby, Benji, Nicole, Kayce, Jae, Jonathan, and so many more. Let's keep upping the game: make it difficult for the judges and INSPIRING for the audience.

Second: I'm now teaching with Jenny at Brooklyn Swings! Here goes teaching full-time... So far so good! We're doing two weekly swing classes, starting weekly blues classes next month, and we have a blues workshop coming up next week.

Third: I'm completely moved into my new space. Thank you to Jenny for all her help with the transition. You're amazing.

Fourth: I've already been overwhelmed by Times Square. Glad I got that out of the way. Now my inner Portland-hippie can go hide and recover. I like to think of it as inoculating myself to the NYC culture.

Fifth: as part of the ongoing be-extra-nice-to-Jenny-for-her-birthday effort, I got her blow-up fish operational for the Brooklyn Swings dance on Saturday. Here's a cute photo.

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