Friday, February 10, 2012

Research makes me laugh.

I'm starting this book, An Introduction to Models in the Social Sciences, by Lave and March, as part of my research. I get a mere one page into the book when I unearth this gem:

"This book is about the social sciences ... It is a brief introduction to the pleasures of thinking about human behavior. To speak of pleasures is probably dangerous and certainly pretentious. Few people rely solely on any social science for their pleasures, and attaining a suitable level of ecstasy involves work. We regret the latter problem. It is a nuisance, but God has chosen to give the easy problems to the physicists. We do not regret the former problem. We have no intention of suggesting that poetry and sex be abandoned. Rather, we invite you, in the moments left between Byron and bed, to join us in speculating about ordinary human existence." -p.2


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