Sunday, February 14, 2016

A scene from Melbourne.

Begin scene: a taxi cab in Melbourne. Andrew Smith enters the cab and provides the destination address. The driver strikes up a conversation. 

Driver: what country are you from?

Andrew: America. 

Driver: What's your favorite car?

Andrew: Um... The Prius.

Driver: (without pausing to consider the answer) My favorite car is Mustang. Do you know Mustang? Very good car. The best. 

Andrew: Oh. Well, what do you like about it?

Driver: To go fast! It's a strong *muscle* car. (flexes his arm to emphasize the point)

Andrew: I see. 

Driver: Where in America do you live?

Andrew: Washington. 

Driver: Do they have Mustang there?

Andrew: Sure, a few. 

Driver: It must be very good to live where they make Mustang. 

(The rest of the drive proceeds in silence, until at the end of the trip Andrew is exiting the vehicle.)

Driver: When you get back to America, you know what you should do?

Andrew: What?

Driver: Buy a Mustang!

End scene. 

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