Friday, May 9, 2014

Work week.

I have often wondered how a person can put in an 80-hr work week. It sounds insane to me.

This Monday, I received this report from Toggl, my favorite time-tracking platform, about my hours for the previous week.


Huh. So that's what an 80-hr work week looks like.

(In case you're wondering, "Tomato break" are the break times allotted in the Pomodoro Technique. Technically I'm not working, but I count it because the work I do spend is highly focused.) 

My time in Aberdeen has been rejuvenating. With a solid base, I can settle in with tea and my laptop. Day after day, I produce a solid 6-10 productive hours in dance, programming, job searching, and other odds'n'ends. Having a routine is grounding for me. It means I haven't done any sightseeing, but I'm quite okay with that. Putting my nose to the grindstone feels good. It reminds me of being in graduate school, working constantly and always learning.

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